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Joi Concert Review (7/25/06)

Small crowd; big sound

by j. brotherlove

JoiJoi gave a trademark slamming performance last night at MJQ. But there was a notable problem; attendance was surprisingly low for the Atlanta diva. I’ve been to plenty of her live performances and have never seen a half empty house before. To be honest, the way I find out about her concerts i’s fairly serendipitous and usually at the last minute. Yet, I always seem to catch her.

Although attendance was low (it was a Tuesday night), the crowd wasn’t any less enthusiastic when Joi took the stage at 12:30. Accompanied by a new, stripped down band (no Whild Peach or Keisha Jackson, sadly), Joi wore her wings, befeathered tophat over thick braids, jean shorts and knee-high Converse. A testament to her talent, Joi rocked her set with one bass, one guitar, Crystal "Drummer Ghurl" Martin on drums, and her powerful vocals on solo.


  • Joi gave a rare and rousing performance of "Techno Pimp" (one of my theme songs), complete with a surprise appearance by Sleepy Brown (WHPA).
  • The crowd really got into her extra nasty rendition of the underground strip track "Lick". This is about the time when Wood’s boyfriend (who’d never heard of Joi) turned to me and said "I like her!"
  • Towards the end of Prince-soaked "Dance With Yesterday", Joi adds lines from The Family’s "Screams Of Passion". Mmmmm… I think I will play that now.
  • During "Co-Stars", Joi called Atlanta’s Tone Trezure onstage. She took the mic and ripped that shit up. I’ve been waiting to give y’all the truth about Tone’s CD. It’s the next wave of music (more later on what that means). Catch her at Peace-Out South in September.
  • Oh, and our jaws dropped when Trauma Black (WHPA) joined Joi for "Say, Say Li’l Fine Ass Niggah". Um, I’mma need to know who his peoples is. Stat!

All in all, a great night. But a very late one. By the time Joi screeched her last "meeooww", I was out the door and in the Boycruiser on the way home. Supporting independent artists is a rough business.

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