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Black Magic

Calling the mysterious power of black women

by j. brotherlove

“Eyes so black they tell you lies
So beautiful, so blind
Can you tell me something?
Why’d you let them die?
The death of a black flower
The son of a holy man
died to lie with you
in your gemstone garden”
— “Jadestone”
Ingrid Chavez

Hair wildly platted and bare legs akimbo, the annointed daughters watch silently. Women of vast, dark belly and young eternity celebrate the universe as they surround the men with broken joy. They feed the void. Shouts and loud silence encircle the men; the blue-black void widens.

One by one; and still, the daughters remain silent. They stare at the one with raw, bloody knees and new baldness who doesn’t share her skin with men. Her gaze also fixed, but at quivering navels and desperate sisterhood and waits for her blood to clot. Or overboil. She will not hold her peace.

— j. brotherlove
pub: 02/06/2004 | previous entry | next entry | feedback x 4 | subscribe

hey :) i came by to say thanks for the link love. nice poem. i’ll be back to read more of you.

2. zenitra gee

This excerpt reminds me of Toni Morrison’s writing style. You are a heavyweight! See it through — and I wish you much success.

agreed on the toni morrison tip.. particularly “bare legs akimbo”.. hehe..

absolutely and unequivocally gorgeous…