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Deciphering The Noah’s Arc Deal

Logo needs new PR staff

by j. brotherlove

In case you haven’t tired of waxing poetic about Logo’s decision to remove Noah’s Arc from its 2007 lineup in favor of a 2008 movie, Steven Blank of Pink Mafia Radio gives his assessment of the PR nightmare in Episode 67 of his popular podcast.

He contends since there is “official” cancellation of the show by Logo, that some of us are jumping the gun with negative opinions instead of seeing the bigger (brighter) picture. I wouldn’t agree with Steven on that point. But he makes some good arguments in the podcast.

Of course, if Logo had handled the situation properly, we wouldn’t have to interpret their actions. In the attempt to discern if the glass is half empty or full, I’ve noticed white gays seem to be fairly excited and optimistic about the future of Noah’s Arc. While us black gay folk, not so much.

Obviously, if the film is made, if it’s properly marketed and if it’s screened at theaters (vs. going straight to DVD), than this will be a major coup for our community. However, that’s a lot of “ifs”. Many of us are used to empty promises. For me, seeing is believing. To Steven’s credit, he acknowledges how media companies can deceive its viewers to head off negative publicity. He reminds fans to essentially stay on Logo’s ass.

No problem for me. That’s pretty much my standard modus operandi. Ask my exes.

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1. Totalconfusion_leo

I listened to Steven’s podcast this morning as I was getting dressed for work and I agreed with some of what he mentioned about Logo’s writers for Noah’s Arc and instantly called a few friends. Well my friends reminded me about the out come of PUNKS and a very bad decision (business-wise) from the creator and how blacks and non-blacks viewed the show.

I honestly felt the second season was much better than the first but I also didn’t cry if I missed an episode from season two.

I agree with you “seeing is believing” so we shall see.

a friend of mine met with someone from logo and says that though noah is the flagship show the viewership isn’t where they need it to be. they’re hoping a movie will entice ppl to come back and watch the old shows and then they’ll think about doing another season. if not there’ll be at least 3 movies, right?

3. Mary

I really hope Noah’s Arc comes to the big screen! I love that show and I wish that it went on for a longer period of time. I hope we get MORE Noah’s Arc!

I really cannot imagine how LOGO would handle a Noah’s Arc movie considering how they left the series. Starting a movie with a season finale cliffhanger is not the way to go. They could go back in time to how they met, but ugh, then we’d have to endure Noah’s “unique” fashion choices from the 90’s. Or they can just forget about all the atrocious inconsistencies from the series and just reboot the project from when Noah nabs Wade from the other side and actually come up with a plausible, coherent storyline! AS IF!

5. leigh

I don’t have alot of faith in the LOGO network fully supporting the Noah’s Arc movie. The execs didn’t even respect the viewers to give us a proper ending to the series. I looked forward to this ground- breaking series every Wednesday nite. I saw myself and my friends through the years, in the characters of Noah, Alex, Chance and Ricky. It was our Sex and the City. It makes me wonder if the characters were four white males, the series would have continued. I hate to play the race card, but it seems to always come down to that.

6. RIK

I am white and I love Noah’s Arc. I wish Noah was bit more decisive and a bit less feminine but there ARE people like that in all races of our Gay community.

Live in Detroit, so I know all about the race card and it does get played a lot. The fact that the show did not have a proper ending says more than any official pronouncements.

If you don’t believe me, look at any help wanted ad these days. (I’ve looked at tons since I want to move to California!) Must work hard under pressure, meet zillions of simultaneous deadlines, must know Excel, Lotus 123, etc. etc. etc. So don’t tell me LOGO couldn’t figure this out in the months before the actual last broadcast.

7. jming

why all the bickering about was a wonderful show..we should be happy that we did have the show…I only hope logo would give us a proper ending

I loved Noah’s ARC and was suprised when I heard that they canceled the series. It was a bad mistake for the tv execs. There are so many repeats on LOGO that a series with another season coming up is no longer going to be is very disappointing. I wish a third season would occur to atleast tie up the loss ending left by season 2.

9. Rodney

I do hope that they[Logo}change their minds about having a third season of Noah’s Arc. But I supppose having a movie is better that not having anything at all. And what’s this I hear about Jensen Atwood not coming back as Wade? I know that he’s got a lot going on, but I don’t see anyone else in that role. I hope that he changes his mind or at least does the movie!!! Come on, guys! give us devoted fans an ending with a bang. We at least deserve that!!!

i don’t think putting noah’s arc in the movies is a very smart idea. logo knows this also. it was just some stupid something to get the fans to shut up. logo did not want the race card played.