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No Season 3 For Noah’s Arc

Feature film planned

by j. brotherlove


Update: Read my Film Review: Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom

I’ve been hearing conflicting news regarding a third season for Noah’s Arc for the past month; especially after yesterday’s NPR interview with Jensen Atwood (who plays Wade). However, actor Christian Vincent (sex-addicted Ricky) broke the news on his MySpace page this morning:

I have not written a blog in awhile. The first part goes out to all the Noah’s Arc fans. The show will NOT be returning for a third season. I feel glad that we had two seasons which many shows do not even get. The show laid ground work for many other shows that may come after it. Noah’s Arc opened a door which I realize from the fans was very liberating. Logo should have an announcement posted as of today. There is a possibility of a feature film of the show .Oh yeah, the other question I am often asked about is the season 2 DVD. It will be out in June.

Latest news: Patrick Ian Polk confirms Noah’s Arc is coming to the main screen in 2008.

I began this series as a straight-to-DVD project, and Logo gave us a home as its flagship scripted series. And now we’re taking it to the big screen! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this little independent show in movie theatres! Hats off to MTV Networks and Logo for believing in us enough to take Noah to that next level.”

I’m excited for Patrick and the cast but also a bit disappointed we will have to wait over a year to continue season two’s cliffhanger. Also, Noah’s Arc really does feel like a television show; not a feature. I’d rather he was given the opportunity to create a standalone film. However, this situation is better than the show disappearing altogether. Hopefully Viacom will put the marketing dollars behind the project.

Read the update (2/14/08):
Noah’s Arc Movie Is On Its Way

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I think this is a great development. Going to the big screen is better than staying on tv too many seasons like Queer As Folk did.

Queer As Folk certainly grew long in the tooth. I think I stopped watching after the second season. I couldn’t relate to it. However, a film featuring a gay black cast is a different animal.

Gay films are a harder sell, overall (a success like Brokeback Mountain is an anomaly). With that in mind, who is the audience for the film; fans of the television series? I’m not sure that will be enough. Besides, television allowed people to watch the show in private.

For many black folks (gay, straight, closeted) this is one of the few “gay” shows they watched. What’s the likelihood of them going to a theater to see this type of movie? And I hate to put this out there, but will the white gay support the film en masse? I’m doubtful.

Don’t misunderstand me; I want the film to be a huge hit. However, my experience as a movie goer, media critic, and gay black man in America tells me it’s unlikely. I went into more detail about my concerns about Noah’s Arc being transformed into a film at Washington Blade and SoVo. I hope I’m wrong.

3. Doesitmatter

I am so messed up by this news. I am one of those that just came to terms with my bisexuality and Noahs Arc was like portal into a world that I am just starting to understand. I think that there should be a letter write in campaign to bring it back to the LOGO channel or Bravo channel and still do a stand alone movie. I was hooked and now I feel like Wade I just got screwed over by them yanking the show like this. Messed up.

4. Cynthia

I am so upset that Noah’s Arc is not returning for a third season. There is a website call and on the website is a petition to save the show. Sign up.

Cynthia, I tried your link, but I don’t see anything about Noah’s Arc. I hate to see that show go!

A quick search turns up three different petitions to bring Noah’s Arc back to television.

Although, at this point, I think it’s mostly a lost cause.

7. e.m.

i hate the thought that they will not have a third season of Noah’s Arc because i have been so into it.And now we will not know how it will end now.That is really f—-ed up!!!!!I’m very mad by it!!!!

8. Frederic

This is really upsetting to me. I have been waiting and waiting to see how Wade and Noah turns out in the 3rd season, and now I have to continue to wait. I LOVE Noah’s Ark and all of the characters. I truly looked forward to watching it every week, and got some of my “straight” friends hooked on it too. I am sorry that it did not make it to the 3rd season, and I sincerely hope that the movie is a success.


Aww, I hate Noah’s Arc couldn’t contine for season 3. It was a great show -I loved every minute of it.I love Noah,Ricky,Alex,Chance,Wade, and many more. They were all great actors. But I wish it could have continued because I was expecting to see what was going to happen with Noah and Wade - would they get back together? Me as a gay teenager always adapted to this show; it always uplifed my spirit. Got into all the time too. Well, I guess this is so long. Bye you guys ; you were great actors. Peace 2 u.

10. Tiffany

I totally agree that I am proud of where this project is going and what Noah’s Arc has accomplished. However, I too am very disappointed that the series will not go on. I was a faithful fan and could not wait for season 3 to start. And for the network not to announce anything until now and to only find out through a search online that it would never come to past was heartbreaking. This was a wonderful and refreshing show and I really think Logo is sleeping on it. The series has the potential to become something bigger than just (1) feature film. All the characters fit the actors perfectly and I honestly think that HBO should pick this up quick, fast, and in a hurry. My boyfriend was a straight homophobic and after being addicted to watching the show w/ me, has a new respect for the gay community and realizes that they are no different than a straight relationship that comes w/ hardships and happiness. Please HBO/Showtime, don’t sleep on this greatness. Tiff

11. Big Mike

Noah’s Arc, was truly ground breaking, and I’m sad to hear that there won’t be a third season. The guys were incredible, and made my week, worth while. Thanks, Logo, and thanks, cast. Oh, and please follow through, with the movie, and include at least, some of the cast members.

12. Renae

Come on how can you end a show like that and take it to the big screen.If the show must end give the viewer like myself a ending.Thank for a good show something diffrent to watch and look forward to every wednesday but black people we need to do a little better then end a show with a car crash not telling where the actor are headed and what their next career move.Poor ending close your web site why sell a half complete series (meaning no ending)I paid to see Noah Arc ,I feel cheated.Bring back Noah’s Arc do it right.

13. shaun

I am a late comer to Noah’s Arc but like others all I fell in love with it. I really believe this show should stay on the air not only for the drama filled scenes. But because it paved the way for the black gay community, just like the L word did for the lesbian community. I want the show to stay on so we can all see how each chacter grows I think we deserve that much.

14. D.LF.

To my a decision to do a so call maybe movie is death to the series! LOGO should be ashame of themselfs . Just like their father network MTV and Yo MTV raps once they build the viewership with the black views they canelled

15. D.L.F.

Wake up Logo ! To not do a season 3 because you mite or mite not do a movie in 2008 is crazy ! The best thing for them to do is to do the season and to the network as big as SHOWTIME,HBO,or even their father network MTV and make Noah’s Arc a great gay serie as QUEER AS FOLK, WILL AND GRACE, or a SIX FEET UNDER. If they continue it will lead to a season 4,5,6,and maybe even a 7. Why ? BECAUSE THE FANS ARE HUNGRY ! ! ! ! ! Logo don’t mess it up bring out the season in April,May,or June it would be better for the fans,the actors, and the network .

16. Tony D

I am VERY disappointed at this news — what’s even more disturbing is that no official reason for the show being canceled has not been posted. By the way, I must admit that Noah’s Arc was my ONLY reason for watching Logo!

I hate to say this but this move just goes to show that America is still madly in love with hyper masculine BS; black men killing each other and acting like straight up modern day coons and buffoons! In otherwords, if we aren’t portrayed as UGLY - there aren’t the high numbers to support it.

There was something incredibly powerful about seeing Noah’s Arc portrayal of men, not just because they are gay but because they were black men — SIMPLY BEAUTY THAT WILL BE MISSED!

17. Cal

I recently started watching Noah’s Arc and fell in love with it! Now, it’s not going to have a third season. My neice turned be on about the show. I was dying to find out about Wade and Noah’s relationship. I will truly miss the show,Oh well I guess there’s still memories of the show on DVD. I am deeply saddened by the news. I loved every episode that I watched!!!!!!

18. D

I sat and wondered after watching a 1000 rerun of Noah’s Arc tonight and I wanted to ask the fans if they this could be the answer ? Could Logo be doing this to either build their ratings for the show or the big so called movie? If that’s the case they a very dangerous game of Russian roulette with our favorite show ! Look Logo bring the show back don’t cutting your nose off despite your face ! Make everyone happy the fans,the actors,and me ! ! !

19. delia

i love the show, please bring it back.

20. Damion

Wow…This is the first I have heard about this change. I am truly disappointed by this news. I am 30 years old, and I really loved Noah’s Arc. As a Black gay man living in Los Angeles, the show helped me in a sense understand a community that I still feel very disconnected. Going to West Hollywood doesn’t do it for me… The show helped me see the different sides of love between Black men through friendships and relationships. It is painful to not see enough images that represent a multi-ethnic perspective. Although I have started to grow fond of “Queer as Folks,” it still speaks from a White gay prospective that I am bored with. So, what is the answer…I don’t think adding gay characters to sitcoms is enough. I want to see the Black gay community continue to deal with real issues that hit whether you are gay or straight while having fun all at the same time. Shame on Logo for letting it get away.

21. ilan

this show was refreshing and funny. some of the lines were corny and unconvincing, but most of show was entertaining. no question, wade is the ticket that keeps you watching the dvd over and over. trey is also hot. the fem guys were always hilarious, but i liked seeing a masculine guy being gay. i encourage ian patrick to gather us his team and step out and continue to provide such flavorable entertainment. there is definitely a market for it. call kelsey grammar from girlfriends.

the fun part about living in los angeles, is that you get to see these guys doing everyday chores at the post office, in coffee shops and even on the rails.
best to you all.

22. LuNDaATL

I am currently sitting at home watching two repeat episodes of Noah’s Arc on LOGO….and I am very disappointed with the news of its cancellation….it was the best depiction of real life among black gays….and it showed that black gay men do lead positive/productive lives unlike most other shows/movies which led one to believe all black gay men do is frequent clubs/bars and are sexual addicts….I followed it from day one in season one….it had become not only entertaining but also educational in many ways….and with the 2nd season finale we are left with no resolution to the outcome of events….I don’t think Noah’s Arc could ever be compared to Queer As Folk….I lost interest in that show after the 1st few episodes for many reasons….I will be anxious to see the movie….however I feel like another great black TV series has been sent down the tubes….it feels like I’ve lost some friends because I could relate to each of the characters….amd they were so real I felt like I knew them….LOL….

23. Tracy

I am quite disappointed that Noah’s Arc is not returning for a 3rd season. It was the only reason that I watched the LOGO channel and it was good to see professional gay men like myself displayed on television. It was the only model that most gay black men had to mirror their lives and realize that the problems that we face are shared by others.

24. Gil

We here are quite disappointed that Noah’s Arc will not be returning. We truly disagree with the decision that was made. What is worse of all is that many times Seasons 1 and 2 were shown many times giving us the expectation that the show was going to return!!! Very inappropriately done by the network!!! Noah’s Arc was actually the only reason I Watched the LOGO chennel. I also loved the way Black Men were shown in a very respectful and professional way. Best of all I got many STRAIGHT FRIENDS to even watch the show and comment and now they are left in LIMBO!
LOGO… You have made a very sad mistake.
Hope you don’t treat all your new arrivals the same way

25. TazMDevil

My friends and I watch Noah’s Arc faithfully. I will be highly disappointed if there is not a Season 3. I tell all the straight girls about the show at work and we all have Noah’s Arc Night at my place. Gay folks love it. Straight folks love it. Give season 3 a shot. I’m sure the ratings are high. I hope no one is getting the money from the network and splitting. Pleeeeeeeeeeease…give us a season 3. If there is a God, please answer our prayers. Great Job so far!!!!!!!

26. Luis

Great to Know That The Guys Can Go To The Big Screen - But It Is Very Bad That A Show Will Be Left With A Such A Cliffhanger. I Am Sure I Am Not The Only One That Watched The Show Over And Over And Over Again Waiting For A Season 3 … To Now Find Out That LOGO Doesn’t Plan to Bring The Boys Back. Give The Show An Opportunity Even With The Low Number Of Shows It Produced In Season 1 - But Don’t Leave The Public Disappointed.

27. Cameron

After waiting now for weeks for the third season to find out that there won’t be a third season is DEVASTATING. I have enjoyed the show and like many others anticipated a weekly rendezvous with each character. My friends and I often met on Wednesday evenings to have a Noah Arc night…chesse cake and all. Patrik Ian Polk is genious. I have had the opportunity to view PUNKS and now Noah’s Arc and really appreciate what he does with is characters. I’m joining the chorus in offering a resounding plea for a third season. What can we as viewers do to have our voices trul be heard? I remember when there was a petition for Living Single to remain on the air and it worked, for a while at least. If the show must come to an end. I wish each and every actor much success with future endeavors. Alex you go gurrrl. Ricky u r too much. Chance if only I could be like you. Wade ur the “IT” guy. Remember St. Louis PRIDE? SMILE!!! And of course Noah…what can I say. GO IN BITCH LET HAVE. You all will be missed. Much luv from a devoted fan.

28. T ' won

Knowing that it wouldn’t be a third season then to see the sad ending of that sexy,beautiful, black, milky, caramel, brotha Wade not knowing if Wade & Noah will ever get back together this is so begging for a third season.I really hope that this is just a rumor that just got all out of hand.It did feel nice for change to see a show about black gay characters in the making that I as a black gay man could relate to on some levels.Like when Noah on some levels says it took him a life time to be comfortable in his own skin & I also have a grazy friend kinda like Alex in some ways. This show will go down in history of the making.At first I injoyed watching Queer as folk but got tired of one of the character always nagging & being depress about the age thing.That show was too depressing for someone like me who think it’s a blessing to get up in the age.I will never let the age thing keep me from injoying life so I just cut her off & move on.I just couldn’t to her on that level.Noah’s arc really was a cute, crazy, sexy, cool, soultry, show to watch.

29. Bill

I think it’s a shame this show was so short lived. In my humble opinion, this cast and show had the ability to really go mainstream and make a difference. I hope for the sake of the show and cast, that someone looks at the recent past, and makes a different decision. I live in Boston Mass and can only get Logo on the very top tier of out sattelite broadcast packages. Then, someone made a VERY WISE decision to add Logo programming to the XBOX LIVE! TV network, where over 10 million people now had immediate access to shows like this, and other Gay/Lesbian programming. EVERY network that has moved onto the XBOX Live! network has seen incredible growth and it keeps getting bigger. I hope the sudden and very large audience, An audience that I may add MTV networks plays to, will help to voice the same interest in the show as I am. A movie would be cool, at least to give us something for closure, but a return of the show would be great. So Male audience, between the ages of 16 to 30 - It’s yor turn now…

LOGO (ie VIACOM) does not care about NOAH’S ARC. And this is how I know. The other shows, including re-runs of “Queer as Folk” have CONSISTENT viewing times. And, for the most part, episodes do not continually repeat day, after day, after day, after day…… like Noah’s Arc. Grass roots will be the only saving grace of any show on air. If it is your wish to have new episodes of Noah’s Arc, it will take a fight. In my personal opinion, VIACOM was the death of BET, as a Cultural Standard. The “shirts” are doing the same thing to LOGO. We fought long and hard to get it, recently, in my area. Now, just that quick, I don’t watch it anymore. They can kiss my ass until they stop f—-ing with those who are trying to improve the cultural aspects of it viewing population. LOGO is fluff, and you know that’s VIACOM’s influence.

31. eddie hawk

This is very upsetting that Noah’s Arc will not be returning for the third season. SO WHAT IS THE REAL TEA? Being a gay OTR Driver, the DVDs were my only escape to the “GAY WORLD”! NOW what am I supposed to do? Watch Season’s 1 & 2 over and over again, or just wait on some so called movie wondering if it will really to come to pass. How can you (LOGO) just leave everyone hanging like that….THAT IT IS VERY VERY SH…!!!

32. Sherie


33. Jon

For the First comment, Chris V, Queer as Folk did not stay on to many seasons. It only stayed on 5 which I think was to short. 6 would have been good. As for Noah’s arc, I do not understand why it’s getting canceled. Soooo many people watch it. I don’t understand why it’s compared to queer as Folk because they are nothing a like, but it is still a great show, and should last at least 2 more seasons.

34. Brownsugar in Amsterdam

A friend of mine just sent me the link to the show last week and I am all hooked. We obviously don’t get the show here in the Netherlands, so I have been watching on my small laptop screen (and Wade still looks amazing), whatever fate the show has, it has been really great for me to get to know “something” about the gay black community in the states. Its not so different from the black gay community in the Netherlands J, its just that there are about 12 of us here!!

The biggest question for me is, what has happened to WADE?? He can not die!

35. kenneth

It deeply saddens me that Noah’s Arc will not return for a third season. The show was definitely a piece of fine art.

36. Nick

Okay. There will be a third season of Dante’s Cove, but not of Noah’s Arc. There is no justice in the world.

Why not just move to the here! network.

37. jp coop

what the hell.. after the joy and tears, no continuation? i just started watching N,A, and got to the last ep of seas 2.. and now this? i bought the 2 seasons to watch it all. dont even have logo.. i was thinkin of gettin it.. but have no reason to now. guess ill wait for more news.. hopefully good… but not holdin my breath..

38. Curtis and Khang

My boyfriend and i just finished watching the second season of Noah’s Arc and dying for the third season (no irony intented). The show is very entertaining and Wade is a dream. We are very very very disappointed that Noah’s Arc series cancelled without proper ending. We’re from Canada and we bought the 2 set of dvd’s in New York City when we were visiting. Noah’s Arc show is much much better than Dante’s Cove. We can related to the characters’ lifestyle, types of relationship anywhere in the world, no matter if we are blacks, whites or asians, etc. Although I don’t dress like Noah everyday. The fashion is cool and interesting. I think there should be one or two episodes to resolve Noah and Wade situation and other characters’ conflicts.

39. CK

GGGGGGIRL…Wade can touch my Bootygina anytime and anyday. :)

40. jming

close your eyes everyone the next time noah’s arc is on..and listen to the guys voices…their voices are so smooth and soothing..easy on the ears..i think that is one of the reason i enjoy the show,no harsh tones..well that and how sexy they would be nice if logo would give us a proper ending…

41. skittles

How n da hell can LOGO cancel such a great show?! I fell n luv w/the sho as soon as I saw it’s first episode. I agree that if it must go atleast let us the devoted fans know what’s the tee, gurl. All the characters remind me of myself and it feels like I am alone now that I am loosing a piece of my soul. Logo please keep my show on the air. Oh yea, b4 I 4get is there a website that has the script to season 3 posted? If not, then dis should b done.

42. jernlee

I’m a str8t black woman who loves the show i watched the marathan saturday and did not change the station once i came in on the show in the second season i never seen the first i guess i would have to buy the dvd but please don’t take my noah away u guys have to return

43. Lindsey Taylor

I enjoyed watching Noah’s Arc. My two favorites are Noah and Wade of course like every one else I am a little upset about season three not making it on tv but I was very satisfied about season 1 and season 2. I wish all of you good luck in your careers and hope that we still have a little bit of hope in season 3. Good Luck……………………………..

44. Jwil

OMG!!!!! NOOOOOO. What can we do to make them change their minds? This is horrible. Bring Noah and the girls back please!!!!! I love this show soo much I am a black female from NY who grew up around 4 homosexual men just like the gang and I feel really close to them. Theyre story cant be over!!!

45. Michael

Once again I took the tardy train to Noah’s Arc and just caught it!!! I like this show quite a lot however I do miss the edge that QAF had. The sweetness level is obvious and the characters totally loveable. This white fortysomething must now concede another late start. Logo has just became available to me so, I watch as much as I can. I will miss it very much.

46. Atl OG's

This is really sad news for us. It’s a shame and it’s not enough this series has to end. You are talented Patrick Ian Polk and hopefully some day something you do will move forward with greater visibility (chat with Tyler). Most of my friends both straight and gave, and of all cultures have enjoyed this series and hopefully another network finds the value and entertainment in this show and picks it up since the jackels at LOGO/MTV seem to feel it isn’t worth while. Best of luck to you guys & luv 2 ya!

47. Tracy

I’m so upset Noah’s Arc is not coming back for a 3rd season. I was flipping thru channels one night and seen the previews for the 1st season when it was about to start and thought I got to watch this.

I am a heterosexual female and found this to be very much entertaining, enlighting and very much educational as well as funny. Not to mention there were some very gorgeous men on that show gay or not. Beauty is beauty. I even got my girlfriends and co-workers watching it and they love it.

Now just imagine if they tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends. Come on this is so unfair. How many people do you think will actually go to see this movie on the big screen?

What you do in the comforts of your own home and in public is 2 different things. It may be a straight guy that just likes the series but would not be caught dead in a movie theater. Some women too. They should have left what wasn’t broke alone. Wow! What am I going to watch now?

48. Miky

I am totaly crushed, Oh my goodness! how can they cancel such a powerful show. I live in the Bahamas where gay life is hard and this show gave me a form of escape and I could not wait for season three. I am devastated and kinda of angry that they left us hinging like that, not knowing what will happen. Such a great show and great characters :(

49. tt

damn that’s messed up im so pissed off that there’s not gonna be another season it was a really good show im very disappointed. i was looking forward to what was gonna to happen with wade and noah.

50. Elaine

My heart is broken. I am a straight female, but I truly love the show. I only watch LOGO to see Noah’s Arc, to be honest I only got direct-tv , so I could watch Noah’s Arc. I had to give up Girlfriends on time warner cable, just to to see Noah and the gang, since no more Noah, I guess I will switch back to time warner.

51. Kush


52. Catrina Doss

I was very disappointed to hear that Noah’s Arc would not be returning for a 3rd season. I watched the show faithfully and bought both season 1 and 2.

I loved the characters and as a straight female, felt a strong connection to them. The chracters will ALWAYS have a place in my heart!

53. Catrina Doss

I was very disappointed to hear that Noah’s Arc would not be returning for a 3rd season. I watched the show faithfully and bought both season 1 and 2.

I loved the characters and as a straight female, felt a strong connection to them. The chracters will ALWAYS have a place in my heart!

54. studlife


55. MO

I’m really dissapointed that there won’t be a season 3 of Noah’s Arc. I just caught the show by mistake, and got hooked. I’m not gay, but I loved this show, I’m sorry I won’t be seeing the next season. I hope that HBO picks it up, it’s a winner.

56. Brad

This show registered on my radar a year ago but never stood out to me until a few weeks ago when i noticed it available on netflix ( LOGO is not offered in my area ) and was hooked. I don’t have a lot of gay black men in my city let alone attractive ones so this was an eye opener to say the least. What a horrible way to end a truly fantastic series.

57. cajunwomen

OMG! They can not keep us hanging like this. We love the Noah’s Arc. We each have a favorite in there. My sister loves Alex and Wade. I love Wade, Noah , and Ricky. You people should be shot for airing a show like that and not giving us an ending to it. SEASON 3 NEEDS TO COME. we only watch logo just 4 noah’s arc. we always watch the repetes thats how much we love it. we some straight as a cucumber women but we love the show. PLEASE PLEASE LOGO BRING ON SEASON 3 SOON. WE ARE DYING HERE!!!

58. khill

look i am a blatino boy,only thirteen and i have felt loss, seen and done things that i feal somone my age shouldnt have . and when i saw this show. it putt me on the right track it has shown me a life that i only wish i could have lived ond hearing that it is going to just end brings tears to my eyes because noahs arc has helped me through the hardest of timse it is my happy place and with it gone mor ansd mor people will be afrade to com out the closet or listen topeople telling them that who thay are is rong and if they contiued to be who they wont they will go to hell. well this show is a fiine example of realaty love lust, romance, happynes friend ship compation, cometment, it also shows people that its ok to be who they ar and who ever tels them other wise is rong. noahs arc i one of the best ways to tell the worled the tru meaning of god and me and my friends my sister boyfriend think that insted of all of this palitik s-h-i-t is not the only way to show that we are hear but this show is a even beter opstion noahs arc is the best thing that hass happend to tv and black shows sens tylerperys madeas movies and well oer all i found all the cwolatys that no can hate you know. besides the people in this show could not have been beter role modles pleas dont end it i know all of wat i have riten is alto but i just cant discribe how helpfull this show is to so many people and well the fact that it is going to end sucksit is a sghin thatwe wont see to many more black gay shows or anything of ither oneopps or latino.

59. Likely

I became hooked on Noah’s Arc when Alex tresspassed on Guy’s property because he thought Tre was cheating. I am straight and married and a female, but I love this show!!!! I cannot believe that I watched all of seasons 1 and 2 only to be disappointed and left hanging down the line. It is unfair of the producers to gain a fan base and then desert them. While the idea of a movie is great, what about the original characters? I don’t even want to see that movie if they are not in it. Also, I can’t imagine that the movie would satisfy my curiosity for wade and Noah’s outcome. I am mad as hell and I agree with another comment about HBO or Showtime taking on the series. It’s a hot moneymaker and it can air while the LWord is rerunning. Think about it….

60. Joel

Can someone please tell me what happened at the end of season 2? I tried to get it on DVD but it’s not available in my country? I got clips of the other episodes online just NOT the last one! Someone please lemme know…

61. Brownie

i love noah’s arc, can’t get enough of watching the shows over and over again, i was really lookig forward to season 3, after watching the last episode of season 2, wat a cliff hanger…HELP please have a season 3, 4, 5 and so on, the show is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

62. laura

omg nooooooooooooooo please keep the show going . i mean im not even gay and i love, really love dat show. please, please, please…. awww man i really love dat show and i will go see the movie

63. Angela Gamblin

I’m not gay or male but as an African-american I LOVED the show and really was looking forward to seeing what happened to all of the characters on the show—-I”ve been following the show recently while it was on BETJ and thought it was GREAT on a black channel as I tend to think LOGO black-bashes at times.
I think Noah’s Arc shows another facet of our community that is neglected but nonetheless beautiful. The actors are talented as HELL and I really want to see more of them. I hope you do go ahead with the movie…and if for some reason ya can’t, I’ll be parked in front of my t.v. hoping you’ll reconsider season 3..preferably on a black channel—-black folk need to come into the 21st century an embrace a great show like Noah!