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Noah’s Arc Movie Update: Will Wade Miss The Boat?

And will it matter?

by j. brotherlove

atwood.jpgIt’s been a minute since I posted anything about the (fingers-crossed) upcoming Noah’s Arc movie. Frankly, I couldn’t keep up with the gossip. For the longest it didn’t seem like there was going to be a movie at all. Then there was the rumor that Wade (Noah’s on-again/off-again boyfriend) wouldn’t return. The newest development: Wade will return but he may not be played Jensen Atwood.

Update: Read my Film Review: Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom

Via Atwood’s MySpace blog:

[…] As for the Movie? I very much want to be a part of it. STILL Ive heard nothing about it from LOGO. What I do know is their supposed to be in production this month. AND I’ve heard rumors that Shemar Moore is supposed to be playing WADE. Hmmmmm. Hope its not true.

Let’s hope it’s not true. Shemar Moore? Only in non-speaking roles, please (or naked in the ocean). And since he is so insistent that he’s not gay (yawn) why would he even consider doing this movie? Also, I would think Shemar’s asking price is considerably higher than Jensen’s. Or, is it? Who knows what goes on with those Hollyweird politics.

However with forthcoming interviews, magazine covers, a tv pilot and a spot in the third season of Dante’s Cove, Jensen isn’t exactly waiting around for the Arc.

Watch the trailer for Dante’s Cove, Season 3

Read the update (2/14/08):
Noah’s Arc Movie Is On Its Way

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1. nOva

LOL. I can’t do it…

Whoa! I didn’t even know they were considering a movie!! I was just wondering where the hell the show went!

Seriously, why isn’t there going to be a season 3? I really liked that show!!!

3. Marie

I am a big fan of Jenson Atwood (Wade). He is perfect for playing the part of Wade. I could not see Shamar Moore playing wade at all. That would be a big disappointment. However, Shamar is a little too pretty and I did think of him as gay on the DL.

I don’t even know what to say. I think I will just find a good book to read. Funny, white men sort of didn’t get what they wanted with Noah’s Arc and the swirl, but they sure are getting what they want outside of it with the actors from the program. Work is work for a black actor I guess. I am tired….I wonder what will Patrik Ian-Polk put in his movie. Will he stay loyal to the fan base and the original vision of the t.v. show or reach out to that “other” audience?

5. Demetrius

Great scoop, thanks!

6. mark

I’m Atwood’s,(Jensen)bigges fan, I guess that he being my lover is fantasy. I do beleive it is art for him and that’s fine. I still would love to see him continue the role as Wade, no one can do it like he does. HOttttttttttt, I feel that boi…

7. Handsome

Stop blowing things out of proportion, BB. First and foremost, we as a whole need to internalize the fact that everything isn’t about one specific race. White people, any race of people, can look and learn from Noah’s Arc.

The show mission was not to placate any race of people, but to enlighten the gay culture about black gays and it helped to break stereotypes about us.

@Handsome, perhaps if you were so preoccupied with bashing my comment your logic would make sense. As it stands, it is just juvenile and mean spirited from someone who really hasn’t a clue. When did I say the program was for only black gay men? NEVER!

Noah’s Arc gave gay men of African descent the opportunity to see themselves free from the usual stereotype presentend in the larger gay culture of black men always chasing after white men and being portrayed as some sort of sidkick. This was Polk’s intention. Touring the black gay circuit, he came to understand that the brothers wanted to see some resemblance to their actual lives on screen.

These “others” who find the program entertaining, GOOD! NA was meant to be enjoyed by a larger audience. Those missing the primary and original point and goal of the program offering gay men of African descent images of themselves without pandering to the “swirl” infatuation as you would no doubt like you have my pity.

Next time you take me on. You better have all your facts in order, brother(?).

9. A Virgos Love

What the hell??? Why on earth would they take the best show on t.v. period… off?

This is the bull shit Im talking about with these people. And a movie?

You know what I’ll take what you got cause seriously that was my drug. That show always made my feel better when I was down and out. Thanks alot people of Noah’s Arc.

10. kevin

wat can i say iz why i need 2 see wat happen next no Noah’s Arc that iz so fuck up

11. kevin

wat can i say iz why i need 2 see wat happen next no Noah’s Arc that iz so fuck up

12. karen

that is so diappointing and sad,that we will not be able to continue to view N.A any more, what can we do as an deseperate audience to help?

13. Charles

Yeah that is disappointing.. i was really expecting a 3rd season from this tv show… and without the original character that plays wade.. Noah’s Arc wouldn’t be the same but yet a disappointment.. i hope they stay with the original cast…

I am a bit surprised but not entirely shocked. The bottom line is LOGO wants to see if this movie can make money. I mean if Noah’s Arc the movie is to reach a larger audience I imagine the studio wants to make a couple million dollars. The dilemma for Noah’s Arc relates to race, gender, but also sexuality.

The only reason I could think of Shemar Moore being cast is because of attracting a larger audience. Shemar of course is gorgeous but so is Jensen. I think Jensen should comeback because I have fallen in love with Jensen when played the strong, masculine, yet also gay Wade character. Shemar Moore has denied forever that he’s gay so why would he want to be in this movie? Also, I know Shemar Moore fans won’t like this but I don’t think he’s that big a star. Now if someone like say Will Smith was cast as Wade then the movie would make a lot of money. I think LOGO definitely wants to make some money off of this movie. The quandary for Noah’s Arc is how do they reach a larger audience? Will Black heterosexual people watch a movie about black gay men? Will the mainstream be interested? I imagine there are marketing meetings going on. Don’t be surprised if the cast is changed just for profit reasons. The problem with Noah’s Arc I felt was the show was on the wrong network. I think LOGO didn’t treat the show fairly.

15. lee

Look at the lineup on Logo now, since the cancellation of NA. Is there one program featuring African Americans in positive roles, or not playing drag? I don’t think the cancellation had anything to do with wanting to produce a movie, but the network wanting to cater to a “certain” audience.

16. JT-Mami

I am pretty disappointed myself, I have watched NA since the beginning and I was looking forward to the 3rd season !! Are you kidding me LOGO…. Put it back on the aire with the original cast and If it’s about money pay the actors they deserve it they mesh very well with each other !! Unhappy camper….

17. Beatrice

I hate that it isn’t going to be a season 3 before the movie comes out. I was in shock on how it ended in the first place. I wanted Noah to get back with wade and make things happen. well i guess i will just have to wait until the movie come out to see whats going to happen. wade need to be plyed by the same person.

I entervied jensen last week on my blog. He talked briefly and in little about who would and would not be in the movie, saying he couldn’t imagine a noah’s arc without wade.

that interview is found at: blog talk radio.

he also talked about he release of his new calendar.

I don’t know after this interview i did i kinda feel like he is getting the shitty end of the stick. BUt he seemed happy like all was well, so…

but hey atleast he has a computer now…lol… and its an APPLE!

19. yaya

that was one of the best shows. I’m so mad at them not having a season 3….I want to know if Wade died at the end of season 2…there are still questions i want answers to…Mad about it.

20. StageName

As a heterosexual female…I love Noah’s Arc. The characters are so real. Any woman would be able to relate to Alex’s relationship issues. Straight or gay, we can all agree that Wade’s character is best played by Jensen Atwood (fine self). So I hope there will be a Season 3 after the movie, but the truth of the matter is, the movie has to make money or there won’t be another Noah’s Arc. Logo channel or any other channel for that matter have to be willing to accept critizism from the anti gay population. And the only way that will happen, is if the movie makes enough money to forced their hand. Money makes the world go round. Thanks for letting me post.

21. Shanita

DON’T FIX IT IF IT AIN’T BROKE. hATE the idea of replacing any member of the cast. I think this is was BB was trying to say. No one wants to alienate any members of a different race. Why drive away the old fans trying to gain new ones? I will be absolutely petrified if Jenson does not play wade. There are eight main characters, four couples and i as a fan will be outraged if any of them are replaced. Well i guess that is to late because it has most definetly been confirmed that the character Junito (Wilson Cruz) Ricky’s main squeeze will not be playing in the movie. love the movie idea but if we knock this one out of the box. I WANT A SEASON 333333333333333333333333! with wilson cruz

22. Tamara

This is very interesting.. i red all the comments..i am a woman of colour, married for 10yrs and love to see gay movies with male. for some reason i get realy excited.

i have never seen this movie, i stumbled on this as a music video WHILE @ WORK, and i must say THESE GUYS R HOTTTTT!! I would love to c this movie.. my best friend is gay, and i love him.. we have great times together, we laugh about everything, he is honest and overall a wonderful person.. go gay people.. do u thing.. as long as u r happy..


An out lesbian here and checking out your blog. I am a film publicist and started a blog (yesterday) just for fun.

Do share my blog with others and I will add a link to yours.

It is a family thing.

Be blessed