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Out On Film Gets More Diverse

Opening and closing films set tone

by j. brotherlove

Out On Film 2007

Out On Film, Atlanta’s LGBT film festival, returns October 11-18, 2007 to Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema. I’m a big fan of film festivals but I found last year’s lineup anemic along with a couple of other bloggers.

This year, a better attempt was made to include stories about LGBT folk who don’t look like white, male gym bunnies including, surprisingly, the opening and closing films. There’s also a lesbian film track being held at Theatre Decatur which will rock. Four of the festival’s offerings jump out at me.

The Bubble (Opening Film)

The Bubble

Acclaimed director Eytan Fox (Yossi & Jagger, Walk On Water) mixes politics both sexual and otherwise in his newest film about three young Israelis, two guys and a girl, who share an apartment in Tel Aviv`s hippest neighborhood. Showing Thursday, 10/11/07 @ 7:30pm. Read full description & ticket info.

Ashley And Kisha

Ashley And Kisha

For a change we get to see black females in a love story of sorts! The first time Ashley saw Kisha’s bare bottom, Ashley was making out with an ex-girlfriend. So begins the story of two women who seemed destined not to be together. Screens with Ma Rainey’s Lesbian Licks. Showing Saturday, 10/13/07 @ 8:00pm. Read full description & ticket info.

The DL Chronicles

The DL Chronicles

Two episodes from the popular Here TV series returns to Out On Film: In “Boo,” Boo is an ex-convict, a mooch, and a player who lives his life on the DL. In “Mark,” Mark and Donte, a loving couple who have been living on the DL, are jolted by the unexpected arrival of Mark’s thuggish cousin, Terrell, who shows up at their house needing a place to crash. Showing Tuesday, 10/16/07 @ 9:45pm. Read full description & ticket info.

Starrbooty (Closing Film)

Starrbooty (Closing Film)

RuPaul returns to Atlanta with her campy alter-ego Starrbooty (and will be attending the screening). When supermodel/agency operative Starrbooty learns her niece has been kidnapped by her archrival, Annaka Manners, Starrbooty’s only option is to go undercover as a street hooker to rescue her. Showing Thursday, 10/18/07 @ 7:30pm. Read full description & ticket info.

More Where That Came From

There’s a bunch of other films, documentaries and shorts of course. I usually snag a Six Pack Ticket Package (six tickets for the price of five) and then choose my films at the box office.

Be sure to watch the Out On Film Loop for film clips (mostly of the sex scenes). I couldn’t help but laugh at the lone black guy in the theater; that’s usually me!

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**I couldn’t help but laugh at the lone black guy in the theater; that’s usually me!**

Trust me, such situations are not alien to me either.

Ma Rainey’s… has got my attention. The film comes across as very promising. I will be so happy when the DL Chronicles come out on dvd.

Hello J, it’s Tony Comstock, director of “Ashley and Kisha: Finding the Right Fit”.

Thanks so much for calling out our film. I am so nervous about tomorrow night’s screening I feel like I’m going to throw up. Ashley and Kisha are both Southern, so this is the first time the film will play in front of a “home town” crowd, and only it’s second public screening ever. (The first is tonight at the Long Beach Q Fest.)

To my mind, A&K is very much a love story. My nails are chewed to the quick. I hope people show up for the film, and I hope they like it!


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