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Noah Could Never Be My Boyfriend

Sure, he’s cute but…

by j. brotherlove

Darryl Stephens from Noah's Arc

While there have been no updates on the status of Noah’s Arc and its supposed film, I’ve been watching old episodes of the series. In addition to “the lack of character development, holes in plotlines big enough to drive an Escalade through, continuity issues and painfully uneven acting”, one thing sticks out to me; Noah sucks as a boyfriend.

Sure he’s cute and quirky; possible very talented (clearly to live his lifestyle without an income requires some kind of skill). But as for life partner material, Noah has some habits that don’t work for me in real life.

  1. Noah can’t make any decisions without consulting his friends
    Everyone has select people to bounce off ideas and consult. But poor Noah can barely sneeze without checking in with his boys first. Ducking into bathrooms to use his mobile phone would grow old fast with me. In fact, the only decisions he seems to make without having a conference is what to wear. Which brings me to…
  2. Noah is fashionably challenged
    Noah is petite and cute. But that doesn’t mean he should be dressed like a lap dog. I get that he is artistic and expresses himself through his clothes. More often than not, he comes off closer to Edina from Absolutely Fabulous than Carrie from Sex And The City. I like a bit of originality. But something tells me Noah would turn up at a corporate company picnic in a kimono, babooshka and cubic zirconia-studded leg warmers.
  3. Noah doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship
    Noah suffers from a dilemma lots of young, cute boys have in big cities — he has too many choices. And they’re good choices, too. Wade ran out of the closet for him; Malik moved him in and seemed devoted; and Quincy worshiped Noah’s delicate ways while giving him a platform. Still, Noah remains clueless; leaving a wake of broken hearts.
  4. Noah falls in love with every boy who kisses him
    Admittedly, who wouldn’t want to kiss those pouty lips? However, if kissing has such a great effect on Noah then maybe he needs to keep his lips on lock. This, by far, is his worst trait because…
  5. Noah lets any boy kiss him
    Life just happens to Noah. One minute he’s sashaying around LA in outrageous costumes and minding his own business, the next Baby Gat has his tongue down his throat; or he’s having sex with Malik at The Hookup; or kissing somebody’s man in a public bathroom; or… Well, you get the picture.

I have to admit I’ve met my share of guys like Noah and they certainly have their appeal in the short run. But when it comes to the marrying type, I need more reliability in my man. Some of this behavior can be attributed to age. But the truth is, some guys never grow out of it.

Update: Read my Film Review: Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom

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Mmm hmm. Noah is the kind of dizzy queen that gives us all a bad name.

NA may have been a ground-breaking program, but I am still waiting to see images of myself accurately reflected on television.

2. Rufus

Noah isn’t my type, but, then again, only one of the guys on the show was, and that was Trey, big old manly man! But, I see Noah as a selfish, self centered, shallow sort of guy, just like you see in the real gay world, all about him. I don’t expect to see a movie or a return of the show, so those empty plot lines will be relegated to DVD and I guess reruns of the show on Logo. In about 25 years, maybe someone will take a chance and put on another series about black gay men, and even though NA was not perfect, it was a start.

And, don’t get me going on his attire, I live in LA, and have never seen a man dress like that, other than at a drag show!

I agree with everything you said except one thing…“Noah falls in love with every boy who kisses him.” In my recollection, it was the other way around. So much so that I wanted to call season 2 “Everybody Loves Noah.”

Noah was played as some irresistible force that would cause any man to fall head over heels, regardless of whether they were out, in the closet or straight up on the DL. Every two weeks he’d have another boyfriend, and ironically, we never even learned his last name!

Not only are they helpless in this magical course of events, Noah could not help himself from ambivalently getting into these tragically ill fated romances either, destined for heartbreak. I just hope the poor fools had the privilege of knowing his full name.

Sadly, this is the kind of characterization that passes for acceptable in our community. I bet you if the guy that played Noah wasn’t as hot as he is, lots more people than you would be questioning the way this guy was written.

…More often than not, he comes off closer to Edina from Absolutely Fabulous…

I can’t stop laughing at this one.

Yes God! Thank you for airing an intelligently articulated voice of descent as regards the Noah character. More often than not the fact that the show is first of its kind , serves as fit enough reason for many in the community to not comment on writing, plot or character flaws objectively. It’s still a script based show and though Noah seems to work out like a muscle queen but remain uber artistic (case and point) ; descent is not disdain. After all , supposedly , there is a character in the show for most of us. Why wouldn’t we want an attempt at our lives being told correctly?

7. tllgrrl

thank you so much for your piece about the Noah character.
i’ve tried to watch Noah’s Arc, but i can’t. i chalk it up to just plain not being for me.
a friend loves the show. she recommended that i watch.
i did…and wasn’t impressed.
when i asked myself “what is it that The L Word (or Sex In The City for that matter) has that Noah’s Arc doesn’t?”, what popped into my mind was:
1. Acting
2. Good Writing/Scripts
3. Acting
4. Noah is no Carrie Bradshaw. (Maybe it’s because the actor playing him isn’t very good.
i commend the attempt, but Noah’s Arc just plain doesn’t satisfy.

8. Didi

when i asked myself “what is it that The L Word (or Sex In The City for that matter) has that Noah’s Arc doesn’t?”

I haven’t seen much NA (will rectify that soon) but I have seen 3 seasons of The L Word and it ain’t no great shakes when it comes to characterization or plotting. And don’t get me started on the way they stereotype anyone who is butch, bi, transgendered or non-white.

9. Vee

Noah needs to get his stuff together. Noah did not ask Wade to came out the closet. Noah can’t help that men like him. Noah can’t fight. The men can’t help themselves. Noah’s in love with Wade. Quincy was a stalker and Malik was a rebound. It’s when get’s outside those clothes.

10. Vee

All Noah wants is to be loved.

i have just started watching the re-runs on LOGO and had the same problems. the holes in the plots drove me nuts more than anything else. it’s like they were driven to have the show time lapse 2 years. nearly everyone except Ricky seemed to be victims of circumstance. and don’t get me started on his lispy wide eyed innocent shtick.

that being said, i would liked the show to be given the chance to address the multitude of issues it had. maybe funds had something to do with the product and it’s disappearance.

I think the entire show is awesome it stimulates real life events. Noah is played exactly how some people may be. Confused, and somewhat conceited.

13. Vee

Noah’s not selfish. He’s caring about his friends and Wade.

14. Mark

Well noah is fine and sexy to me so back off

15. Bryan

well he can me my boyfriend

16. Richard Cutter

Noah’s Arc had potential, but it fails in comparison to Queer as Folk. I just wish the writer of Queer as Folk did the writing for Noah Arc. It would have been a much better. Queer as Folk was an amazing show. I just wish there was a gay show with black character that was just as amazing.

17. London

Well I love the show I lve in Atlanta I see alot of Rickys Hell Im one of them but Noah nis a noce guy

18. Honey68

Queer As Folk, hated it! Too white and too unbelievably movie gay (especially the women)! Also, The L Word is getting on my nerves. I’m still waiting on some real lesbians to creep in that show so don’t knock Noah’s Arc. I loved that show and I hope LOGO will start RERUNNING season 1. The show was still developing but like everything else that’s Black, let’s beat it down no matter what!

19. Tricia

I love Noah Arc…Don’t hate on Noah cause he got’s it like that…I love them all(rICKY,cHANCE,aLEX,) i hate it will not be a season 3. Can’t wait for the movie. LUV IT LUV IT LUV IT!!!!!